Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Talk about bikinis, cute guys, beach fights, tan lines, flip flops, and sun-kissed skin? Oh c'mon! Who isn't excited for summer? I mean school's out! No more projects and assignments to worry about.. Except for others..Well, like me. I think I'll be doing extra crunches this summer. For I need to take 3 subjects to catch up with Graduation. Quite excited right? Not really though. The fact that I'll be hopefully graduating next March pressures me to ze bones! Since I still have 2 or 3 more weeks to enjoy summer before the hassle enrollment and classes starts, I'll be living it just the way I planned! Hold that thought.. I don't have plans! Oh well, may the odds be in favor? Lol


Perfect day for skinny dipping.

Enough said.

Fangirling mode again, I think the perfect video for summer is "The Wanted's Glad You Came" cos it simply shows the heavenly place, Ibiza. For summer's sake, who doesn't love Ibiza? Heels up! And LMFAO is having a concert this coming April in Manila. Rave party! Wet and wild concert of this summer!! Couldn't ask for more. I could really use teleportation right now. 
Anyway, I'll be leaving this post with videos from The Wanted (I know.. I know.. I just love them <3) and LMFAO.

Haaa this LMFAO song is perfect! Wiggle wiggle wiggle!

                     The love of my life, Nathan Sykes in their GYC video. Ohhh you British hottie!


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