Saturday, March 24, 2012


A Jag Thug shirt, short from a thrift store, and a ticket is all I need to have the most awesome Friday this month!.... Finally after months of wishing and hoping! I get to witness the most awaited Annebisyosa Concert in Cebu! The 5th row VIP Sponsor tickets was so worth it!!!!!
Wow the crowd was wild! But seriously, audience were lining up outside the hall just to be early to find  their seats! I come to think why others wore a casual attire, the hell? This isn't a prom! Moving on, the concert was a blast! Anne got teary eyed cos she was shocked that the concert was a total sold out! Boom! And oh wait, Luis Manzano, blew my friend a kiss in the cheek! Hayop na bata inggit na inggit talaga ako.Omg omg I need to blab this, Anne noticed us! Shit just got real. Her noticing us is sooooo surreal!! I cannot believe this, she also replied to one of our tweets! Gaahd real happiness! Fangirling as of the moment. <3

Vanity photo set:

Before the concert started. Here's to our uber eggzayted faces!

Of course, who doesn't wanna meet and greet Anne?

Silhouette shot from Faith's phone during the time when Luis Manzano blew him a kiss on the cheek! ME JEALOUZ.
The concert lasted for about 4 hours, I think. Anne had guest like Mark Bautista, Luis Manzano, John Santos and the GForce dancers. The overall performance was good! So after the concert, Creepy Felizzy, reserved for a place at The Port. Hurray late eat all you can!! It's nice to be reunited with these gals again. Ay para lang hindi magkikita araw-araw noh. Hahaha tonight turned to be one of em best nights for 2012 ever!! 

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  1. Aahahahaha.. Laughing at our derpy faces! hahahaha.. I miss my HAPPY TREE FRIENDS!!! :)