Thursday, May 24, 2012


After 8 long ass travel... I finally set foot in the "Land of the Rising Sun".
I could never be happier than this! I never really expected this. Never.
Everything was so surreal as I landed in the airport. I mean "we" which includes my Mom and my sisters. Wooot wooot!
I think its finally safe to say... "Youkoso Japan" or "Welcome to Japan".
Pardon me for I suck at Nihonggo.

Nagoya International Aiport, 5/23/12

Act City Tower: Hamamatsu's "only" Skyscraper

Celebrated my 19th in Japan! Felt good no matter how simple we celebrated it. But just the thought of celebrating it with my Mom (after years of being absent on my day) makes my birthday the best!
So basically, Toyahashi Zoo on the 2nd Sunday and random day-outs with the kids and Mom. Happiness!! :)
Some snapshots from my first two weeks in Japan. Can't wait for the next succeeding days!