Sunday, February 26, 2012

Humanities Tour

We started the day with laughter. Funny thing was  we were left by the bus. WE, meaning Juvi and I. The bus had to leave the school at 7am and unlucky for us, we arrived at the school for about 7:14.. So that's about 14 mins. late! 

I was about to give up and decided to go home but my tour buddy, Juvi, convinced me to commute on our way to Carcar. This was indeed an adventure! First time ever to commute on our way to  the southside of Cebu. So after 1hr and 30mins.. We finally arrived in Carcar about 8:45, yey for us! Good thing the bus leaves at 9am. Phew! Our next stop after Carcar was Argao. Then Dalaguete beach resort and lastly, Boljoon. We were supposed to have 5 spots for today but due to the lack of time, we only had 4. 


We had this self-timer shoot because no one ever cared to take a picture of us. Hahahaha I kid.

The sky, the sea, I feel a connection between us.
Boljoon Church.
Idk what this picture really tells us, but which is which? Lol
White sand beaches in the south, I'm amazed.
Here's my whatever I'm done pose. Lol

To sum it all up, today was totally fuunn! Not tiring, but fun and full of adventure! Yey humanities 
class! :)

Here's "Feels So Close" by Calvin Harris. Chill song. Waadup?

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  1. Yeeeyyy for late cummers! I mean comers.. hahaha.. Wish I took humanities with you guys :( really cool pics chen! :)